Artist Statement

My work explores the interpenetration of wilderness and the human psyche. I follow in the footsteps of mystics and shamans, looking beyond what we can see with our senses, exploring the untamed country of the human psyche, which exists on the frontier of true wilderness, the wildness at the core of the spirit. In this place, beautiful, dangerous forces interact with anthropomorphic spirits. The world I paint is animistic - every force is a living being with a will of its own. My work aims to evoke the beauty, agony and terror of the planet in crisis, and the longing of the human spirit cut off from its natural roots.

My paintings, using bold lines, strong colours, high contrast, and playful yet grim images, are at once shocking and pleasing to the eye. Use of heavy brush strokes and bold marks, combined with large scale, creates a sense of immediacy and viscerality. High contrast in tone and color creates a sense of power, allowing the viewer to become immersed in the work. While my paintings can be analyzed by the conscious mind, they can never be understood by it - the target audience is equally the subconscious and the body itself.

Paint allows for a boldness, immediacy and physicality that no other medium can match. The painting is an object with a strong physical presence, depending on the paint itself as much as the color. The act of painting is itself a physical act, a connection is created between the body and the canvas - an ancient ritual that connects the artist to a great history, going all the way back to the Paleolithic cave paintings, a time where the human mind did not yet separate itself from the wild.